Excess Wear & Tear

Helps protect your wallet from lease-end charges.

Worry less about wear and tear when leasing your vehicle.

The Allstate® Excess Wear & Tear1 helps you to enjoy your leased vehicle by helping to reduce lease end charges.

  • No penalty for early turn-in
  • Excess wear-and-tear coverage up to $5,000
  • No deductible

What’s covered1

Excess wear and tear can mean a lot of different things. Here are some examples of things that are covered when you choose to protect your leased vehicle.

Dings, scratches and chips
Tears and stains in leather, cloth or vinyl
Replacement or repair of factory navigation, stereo or DVD system
Dents, scratches or gouges
Cracks, scratches or replacements
Cracks or clouded lenses
Muffler/Tail pipe:

Ask your dealer about Allstate® Excess Wear & Tear.2

This product is sold through authorized dealers around the country.
1 This information is a summary of the Excess Wear & Tear program contract. Programs may vary by dealer/lender/state. Please refer to the contract provisions for additional information including details of benefits, vehicle eligibility, specific exclusions, conditions and limitations.
2 Allstate® Excess Wear & Tear is not insurance. Allstate® Excess Wear & Tear is administered by E.R.J. Insurance Group, Inc. d/b/a American Heritage Insurance Services, and all programs are underwritten by First Colonial Insurance Company (Home Office: Jacksonville, FL); each of these entities is a member of the Allstate family of companies.
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