Tire & Wheel Protection

Beyond protection from the pavement.

Protection from road hazards for your tires and wheels.

Allstate® Tire & Wheel1 helps protect your wallet from costs associated with damage from potholes, nails and other road hazards. If your tires or wheels are damaged by road hazards, Allstate will repair or replace them and help you go the distance.


  • Can save you from significant, unexpected out-of-pocket expense
  • No deductible
  • No limit on the number of occurrences
  • Roadside Assistance through Allstate Motor Club, Inc.
  • Coverage terms from one to seven years of protection

Coverage for when the rubber hits the road.2

Flat Tire Repair Flat Tire Repair
Up to $35 per tire ($65 per run flat tire)
Tire Replacement Tire Replacement
If the tire is non-repairable
Wheel Repair or Replacement Wheel Repair or Replacement
If damage to the wheel prevents tire from forming an airtight seal
Mounting and Balancing Mounting and Balancing
Covers the costs of mounting, balancing, valve stems and disposal of a tire and/or wheel
Roadside Assistance Roadside Assistance
Up to $100 for towing or flat-tire changing service
Alternate Transportation Alternate Transportation
Up to $40 per day/3-day maximum
Trip Interruption Trip Interruption
Up to $500 maximum for lodging and meal reimbursement if your covered vehicle is disabled due to road hazard damage more than 100 miles from your home
Alloy Wheel Cosmetic Repair (Optional feature) Alloy Wheel Cosmetic Repair (Optional feature)
For minor cosmetic damage repairs to alloy wheels with a factory wheel brushed or painted surface

Ask your dealer about Allstate® Tire & Wheel Protection.3

This product is sold through authorized dealers around the country.
You're In Good Hands®
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